Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why Are We All Working So Hard Anyway?

I took this picture on September 15th, 2008 while at work. My coworker Cindy found this lil dude she name Otis under her deck one day. At the time she guesstimated he was maybe two weeks old. And being a lover of creatures, she felt the need to take him in. Being so young, Otis needed a lot of care. He needed to be bottle fed at least every two hours and of course needed constant love and attention. So for a couple weeks Cindy brought Otis in every day and we all eventually fell in love. I would get my very own visitation time. Otis soon came to acquire sight and a knack for playing w/ things and he especially loved chewing on my fingers and playing w/ my computer's mouse. He would come over a few times a day, and my hands would keep him occupied as he chewed on my fingers while I worked. On this particular day, I wore him out big time. He must have thought my keyboard looked like an ideal spot to catch a cat nap. He changed position a few times, but I was always able to work around him, except for the occasional change in my music's volume or the opening and closing of my disk drive. I found and ideal moment to capture Otis!
(Click on the picture for a link to The Daily Sentinel's Pet Blog about Otis)
I soon decided to join in!This is Otis w/ Cindy his second day at The Sentinel. In the time he was here, he nearly doubled in size.An Otis Update: 3.19.09

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