Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Snow Play...Highlights from the '09-'10 Season"

Loveland 10.9.09. First Day of the Season.
Loveland 11.21.09. A stop at the Dillon Dam Brewery 
at the end of the day.
Molas Pass 11.26.09. Lil Man's first try on skis
Wolf Creek 1127.09. Lil Man's very first day.
He became a Wolf Pup.
Powderhorn 12.12.09 Opening Day
Powderhorn 12.13.09 Day After Opening Day.
2' of fresh powder that led to getting stuck...a lot!
Powderhorn 12.18.09 Helmet Hair
Powderhorn 12.24.09 Christmas Eve...
VERY cold but gorgeous!
Old Powderhorn 12.31.09-1.1.10
New Year's Eve Full Moon Riding

Powderhorn 1.2.10
Powderhorn 1.10.10
Breckenridge 1.16.10 View from the top w/ 14ers in the distance.
Mt. Elbert(the pointy one off my right shoulder),
Mt. Massive and La Plata Peak behind us!
Keystone 1.16.10 Night Skiing
Old Powderhorn 1.29.10 Full Moon Riding
Sunlight 1.31.10 After the X-Games
Powderhorn 2.7.10
Powderhorn 2.14.10 Tree and Me

More to come!

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