Thursday, April 1, 2010


Guess what everyone! I did it! I learned various techniques from the "Dazzling Dance" tutorial I posted earlier! And I created my very own version! Through the process I found a few challenges that weren't working for me. But not to worry, I found my own way of doing things. I actually knew most of the techniques, and incorporated a few new things I learned from the tutorial. It was cool to see how things worked when you put the steps in the order described in the tutorial!

Ok so it didn't turn out to be a PSA of sorts, one of those will come in time when I decide exactly what I want my issue to be about. Instead I once again played with my own form of self expression...It's really just good practice for me, especially when it came to trying something new!

Just in case you're curious about the images I chose to use...yes that is me, a pic of me sitting on the toilet taken St. Patties night of this year. I created my own spotlight w/ a shadow on the floor effect and threw in the chair too. The flames are another picture. The Denver skyscrapers are another oh and yes the flare of light was a crucial effect I learned from the tutorial.

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