Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Making Love To Photoshop"

This past weekend, a coworker and I took a little trip over the divide to a little town known as Alma, CO. I have been dying to take people there ever since I discovered the greatness that stands just a few miles outside of it. My new favorite place, Kite Lake. It is a lake/trailhead/campground settled in a little bowl at the top of a valley sitting at approximately 12,000 ft. at the base of four 14,000 ft. Colorado peaks. After tromping around the trails, we found an excellent spot to set up the tripod for a photo op. I got a pic of my coworker straddling the lil waterfall and a couple group shots as well. And only after we left did I realize, I hadn't gotten any individual pics of the fall and I. So, (I'm quite crafty w/ Photoshop) why not make my own! Off to cutting and pasting and clone stamping and lens blurring I went!
And a few more pics from Kite Lake just for fun!

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