Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's That Time Of Year Again!!!

You bet it is! In case you were wondering where the heck'm I've been for the past couple months or so...well I'll just say I've been a wee bit distracted. It just so happens to be that lovely time of the year here in Colorado when, one by one the ski resorts start to open, the leaves fall, I-70 at Vail Pass and Eisenhower Tunnel shuts down cause of some serious snowfall...or an accident brought on by snow, the rocks in the canyons slide, the temps drop dramatically AND Nola gets a very very super duper large amount of ants in her pants, waiting as patiently as possible for that perfect day of perfect snow in which she will go play! Oh, I guess I've been working too. It's also that time of year (ya know...the holidays) when the newspaper advertising gets a little hectic. So needless to say, the creative stuff has been slightly put on hold...but not entirely!
I have also been researching...A LOT for a pair of skis I'd eventually like to venture into some super pow with. Ya know, strap on some AT bindings and boots and a backpack full of backcountry avy gear. These are eight choices of future powder toys I would like to have for backcounty excursions, oh sometime in the near distant future. Ultimately I would only get one of them...just have to decide. They all sound awesome in powder. Some seem a little heavy. Some sound like they don't turn so well in trees(and the glads are my favorite). And some look like they float on top more. Decisions decisions... And hey, why wouldn't I want to post these toys? Just look at the outstanding graphic design in each one!
In my anxiousness to go play in the snow, lets just say, I have become very good friends with YouTube and their ever abundant supply of powder play vids! And well, I just feel like sharing my excitement for winter to come and all the eye candy I've been ogling!

Here's something I've been watching week in and week out, Powderhorn's web cam:
Friday, October 22
The colors have changed and the clouds begin to drop with the coming of the first snow storm!

Monday, October 25

The first snow at Powderhorn Resort

Monday, October 25

Believe it or not, all of the snow from this first storm melted...

Tuesday, November 9

The second snowstorm of the season...should keep on coming with little melting and a bunch of 
snow making from here on out!

 Monday, November 29
The third and biggest snowstorm so far...a good foot or more fell over night, a hand full of skins/snowshoes trekked up the mountain and skied back down and the gun got crankin!

Check out what's currently happening at Powderhorn right now!

Ok, on to the uber amounts of eye candy, enjoy!

 Here, Fat-ypus Skis made right here in Breckenridge, CO take a trip to Monarch Mountain! BTW, these skis are as far as I know, the fattest skis on the market!

Went and saw this wonderful film this last weekend at the Powderhorn Ski Expo...this film spoke directly to me and about me. Because yes, I do have a powder problem!

Some Telluride Ski Resort out of bounds backcountry!


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