Monday, December 13, 2010

"The Hunt Is Afoot!"

This past weekend we went on a little snowshoeing trek atop the Grand Mesa to find a Christmas tree for our little family! It was all of our first times going out into the mountains to cut down a Christmas tree. And just for the record, it was a grand 'ol time and I am now a big fan of snowshoeing and tree hunting!

Where to rent the snowshoes...hmmmm.
Well being the Mesa State Alumna we are, we wandered into the OP (Outdoor Program) looking for snowshoes and found us a great little hassle free place to rent outdoor stuff. Alumni can rent gear, get the same semester or yearly pass and go on all the trips the OP has to offer for the same price as students because our student fees from when we were in school helped to fund the OP. Pretty sweet deal I say!

So yep, off we went to the Mesa!

We found it! Our perfect little tree!

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