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I know I know, I haven't been keeping up on things. I also haven't had much chance to get artistic. Seeing as how I haven't posted anything this month, I better get one up today! I guess this post is going to be a bit of an update and explanation as to where I've been and what I've been doing!

The past month and some I have been off on adventures of varying sorts. Two adventures that have taken me to the top of six of the tallest mountains in Colorado, and have left me in a state of exhaustion and much needed R&R...not to mention needing to catch up on the daily around the house stuff. The time in between my various summer adventures has been filled with doing...stuff.

Two years ago my friend and I made a pack to summit all (we'll see how that actually goes) of Colorado's 14ers TOGETHER. In order to to this in our capable of still being active lifetime (mid 50s we hope), we should attempt to do three of them each year. Last year (2010) was a complete failure. My friend tore her ACL mountain biking the week before our first climb. All climbs had to be put off.

This summer's mission: To make up for last year AND bag this years and summit six of Colorado's 14,000 ft. peaks. Oh and to take Which Wich bags to the top of every one so we can get free Which Wich sandwiches! In a span of only two trips, the mission was a success!

Peak #1: July 30, 2011 Mt. Shavano 14,229 ft.
Started out at 5:00 AM in the dark.
Met some new friends!
The Angel of Shavano straight ahead.
Nearing the summit.

Colorado coozies I made for my adventures! They had to be properly initiated into Colorado-ness!
Seeing as we pulled into the trailhead at dark and started hiking in the dark, we didn't quite know what we were was that point in the middle!
A view from the top of Mt. Shavano from the GoPro!

"THE MOSQUITO SLAM!" In one weekend!
#2 Mt. Sherman 14,036 ft. August 13, 2011
The sun is coming up!
Early morning reflection.
Crossing a snow field...I love snow!
Almost to the top!
This was the EASIEST mountain to climb EVER!
Photo op with the Which Wich bag and Sherman's iconic American flag.
Looking down the ridge toward Mt. Elbert
The view of Leadville, Mt. Elbert, Mt. Massive and Turquoise Lake
Sherman had some pretty neato mines along the way!
 (Due to the threat of weather and attempting to summit four peaks in one day, we didn't stop to take nearly as many are the best of the rest!) 

Photos from Kite Lake Trailhead the year before.
We explored the area on our bikes last year!
Were the trail splits and loops.
Strange to look back from last year and believe I was just up there!
 #3 Mt. Democrat 14, 148 ft. August 14, 2011
Climbing up from the saddle after the climb out of the valley below. It smelled like snow the whole day!
COLD and not awake yet, but we made it haha!

Pretty proud!

Great view of Climax Mine outside of Leadville.
Looking across to the next three mountains to climb.
Going back down Democrat and on to Cameron.
#4 Mt. Cameron 14, 238 ft. August 14, 2011
Cameron was #2 on the list...and the 2nd hardest to climb!
Wasn't a whole lot to be excited bout on Cameron...but good place for a photo op!
#5 Mt. Lincoln 14, 286 ft. August 14, 2011
A point where I stopped and said, "I could ski down that..."
This peak actually had a marker!
Another photo op! The tallest and coolest peak of them all!
She's gettin a little hungry...
Feelin good!
Looking back at Cameron and Democrat
 #6 Mt. Bross 14, 172 ft. August 14, 2011
Below Cameron, between Lincoln and Bross.
Clearly deviant!
Last one...thank the stars!
I became a rockstar!
Mt. Democrat, from bottom to top!
Sliding down to the trailhead.
Kite Lake and the valley.
Halfway down, the clouds came rollin in!
Well, there you have it. The adventures that have kept me so busy and away from pens and paper and computers and other creative stuff in my off work time! As fall creeps in and things slow down, I'm sure all of these adventures will inspire new creativity, and the juices will flow once again!

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