Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Closing Day, The Papa Muntz Way!"

As tradition goes, year after year, I have taken to skiing or boarding Powderhorn Resort's closing day with very specific attire in mind. If you remember the basis for the movie "Out Cold," (if you haven't seen it and love snow play, you must!) Papa Muntz founded a tiny little ski mountain in Alaska. Without going into any detail about the story, I will just tell you he was famous for his "moonshine" runs down the mountain. The idea is that you drop your pants to half mast and well, you get the rest!

I have been riding in beach wear on the last day for years now. My group of friends that I rode with in Telluride made skiing in swim trunks their closing day tradition. Most years, my last day skiing is at Powderhorn Resort, sometimes I make it to Copper Mountain or Loveland later in April. No matter how many days I get in after Powderhorn closes, my Papa Muntz run MUST to be done at my small very local mountain to keep with tradition!

Based off the film and incorporating the tradition we had in Telluride years ago, the prerequisite for closing day attire is beach wear and lowering the pants to half mast for at least one run from top to bottom, no matter how cold it may be (if the weathers not so great, it's typically the last run)!

Powderhorn Resort 2007-'08 Closing Day

Powderhorn Resort 2008-'09 Closing Day

Powderhorn Resort 2009-'10 Closing Day
Powderhorn Resort 2010-'11 Closing Day

This year, Lil Man graced us by sliding down the mountain flashing the bright colors of his swim trunks! We decided to take the Liberty's out to play and my Loki Levity jacket was a perfect sidekick to fold up into a backpack and carry my shirt for the ride down! The last run of the day was by far the best Papa Muntz run I have taken to date!
Powderhorn Resort 2011-'12 Closing Day
"I walk lotsa places with my pants down!"
-Lil Man

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