Thursday, June 19, 2008


This last weekend I attended an
extraordinary little event known as Summer Fest. Ok, so I slept a little late and showed up a few hours late. But I managed to make it just as The Riveter was gearing up (they are one of my favorite GJ bands. I also work with the lead guitarist and the heart shaped bass player...she is one of my mentors and the woman responsible for me getting my job at The Sentinel). Let me just say, If you are a light weight like myself, $25 will get you one really awesome rockin good time! $5 to get in the silly orange plastic fence...the rest to booze it up with! I saw a lot of things that day. But must of all I saw my all time favorite thing to watch...Older Folks Gettin Jiggy!! Oh man did they ever. The little kids were super cute too. I have discovered my new favorite beer. Durango Brewery's Blueberry Wheat!! Delicioso! The day rounded out with the Pineapple Crackers (another favorite band of mine) and no memory of the amount beer consumed. Somewhere around 5-6 cups and at least 10 testers (half cups). Way way fun way to kick off the summer. Can't wait till next year!

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