Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I DO what I DO

So I was cruising the I-State w/ some peeps this weekend w/ the top down. We were coming back from Glenwood and their "Strawberry Days". I was a lil bored,so I thought I'd play around with angles and the sunset.

I later had
some free time. So I thought I'd play with this picture a bit. I saw something when I was zoomed into the pic on the camera. I am not so sure why I chose what I chose. I think maybe because it looked like a Guess ad. I thought cool, maybe I'll make a Gucci ad. I'm not so sure they sell eye wear.

As I was wo
rking on it, I remembered an upcoming ad that I was planning on starting the next day at work for an eye wear company here in town. I thought, how neat would it be if I could do something along the lines of my Gucci ad for this company? So the next day I showed my ad and shared my thoughts with my sales rep. She said "That is way cool. Lets just use you!" So I said ok, but if I find something else I'll try that too. So I made the ad using me, based off my Gucci ad, and another version featuring a woman looking at the camera w/ regular glasses on.

My rep went out and sold the ad today. The customer loved it...and had absolutely no changes to make! My rep bought me a very large chai, left me a cute note and was so excited,she told everybody in the company about my ad and how I am the model and how they plan on running the ad many many more times. And I am now famous...Woooowa!

7/22/08 Eyemart Update:
These ads have been created all as specs bas
ed off my first ad. My main goal is to make eye wear as individual and relatable to each subject as I can. There will be even more to come.

This version is actually going to print tomorrow 7/23 in the "Summer Home Improvement" special section. I chose to play up the fact that they sell safety goggles. It was originally a full page spec, but the customer didn't want to pay that much because they had already spent a lot in July.

This version will be going to print 8/1 in the "Back To School" special section. My rep wanted me to make it fun and make it have to do with kids. I chose this girl cause she's basically telling me to get of
f my duff and get her some new glasses. We were very excited about this one because the customer chose to stick with the full page ad! :$)

8/8/08 Eyemart Update:
This version was a spec intended to go into this years "Answer Book." Unfortunately the customer could not afford to advertise in the special section. This ad may never see the printed pages :(

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