Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sentinel Sessions in B/W

This ad ran for one month in the paper. Every week the text changed, but the same graphic was kept. This was the ad that ran it's last week. To fit a female performer, the customer wanted a more feminine graphic.
This ad ran in the yearly special "Country Jam" section. This customer severely wanted her ad to be re-vamped. She loved it, had no changes and will be back next year. :)

This ad ran in both the "Rest Assured" and Relay For Life" special sections. It was originally a long shot spec ad and the customer ended up loving it so they bought it.
This company was not pleased with the lack of results they were getting from their previous ad which had ran for months and in many special sections. They were ready to cut their contract. My rep asked me on a long shot if I would spruce it up a little to see if we could get them to keep advertising. The ad ran once and they pulled all the ads scheduled for the next month. :(
This customer was also not please with his previous ads. I actually designed the previous ad based off the example he gave me. He loved the previous ad...I thought it looked to much like a business card...oh well. After his month running with the previous ad was up and he wasn't happy, my rep asked me to come up with a whole new concept for him that hopefully he would buy. He was very wishy washy about advertising in the paper and has not yet chosen to continue with this new ad. As far as I know, this spec is dead. :(

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