Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Where's Your Flair...Missy?"

The internet seems to be coming a long way. I can remember my very first experience w/ it. I was in the 6th grade. Basically all I was taught was how to type in the url, and how to press the stop button. WOW! Now days its like a virtually interactive whole other life. And for kids these days well, it is their life. Facebook just so happens to be fully arming people for this "lets be socially active and have fun w/ our friends while avoiding the real world" lifestyle. But I will admit, being a "Y'er" myself. I do get a kick out of the fun little gidgets and gizmoos. Facebook's applications can be a quite amusing waste of time. And beyond that, one application in particular gave me a little inspiration to branch off and just make my own.

It is known to all as "Pieces of Flair." Basically you can browse around and find hundreds of buttons others have made or Facebook has provided, or you can create your own simply by uploading an image an sizing it into the interactive pre-made button layout that is provided (of course you must have Flash being that the interactive web is the future of the internet).
While looking for crap, I was inspired to well, make my own crap. With of course the hopes of someday turning them into real buttons to be warn by any who wants them.

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