Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Aspen Promo"

Yet another example of my own photography that came in handy.
This is a picture I took of my friend Michael while a few of us were at
Powderhorn Resort on 2.14.09 (yes Valentine's Day).
We all just so happened to be playing in our one true love...
the snow =)
During the next week at work, my rep Judy came to me and asked me to work up a kind of spec for what they like to call a "leave behind" for an ad gang page. Basically its a kind of ad that the sales reps would use to get businesses to buy into the paper or special sections. They work up a plan, decide what sizes of ads they want to run, decide what colors they will run in and create prices for the different sizes. For this particular leave behind, Judy is working with the Aspen Chamber Resort Association and together they will try to get Aspen area business to participate in this particular gang page. Its just another way for sales reps to push sales to bring in more revenue. Coincidentally, I just so happened to have a picture that would bring out the winter aspect of Aspen w/ out it actually being in Aspen.

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