Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"The Girls Room"

One Thursday evening in the middle of February, two of my best gals (Annika and LeeAnna) and I decided Margaritas would be a fabulous way to kick of our Thursday Night Festivities. Earlier this summer I had ventured all over Grand Junction in search of the best Margarita...El Tapatio had won my vote as having nearly the best in town.
After the quite large helpings of Margaritas and Nachos, the three of us wandered into the women's bathroom whatever it is that girls to in the bathroom =)
My camera (the Canon PowerShot SD990 IS) just happened to tag along as well. Nearly all Cano
ns come with a feature known as "Color Accent," which lets you select one color, take a picture, and only the colors within the same-ish color range are picked up and every other color is captured as black and white. Quite literally the COOLEST feature I have ever seen on a camera!
This particular bathroom is nearly entirely magenta...I like to call it "the pinkest experience you will
ever have!" In looking at the pictures taken in the bathroom of El Tapatio, I noticed one in particular that struck my eye. It looked to me as though it should be the album cover art for a band...our band...if we had a band. Going with that notion I chose five more pictures just for fun and created a band name for our fictitious band "The Girls Room." We even decided that LeeAnna would be the Drumer, Annika would be the Lead Vocals/ Guitarist, and I would be the Keyboards/ Guitarist.

Just as a side note, here are a few more of my favorite pictures I have taken with the color accent feature:
(This picture I took
with LeeAnna's Canon at Kannah Creek Brewing Company. I selected the red tap handles).
(This is my coworker Cindy who sits next to me. She was particularly blue this day).
(LeeAnna and Craig at Kannah Creek Brewing Company, I selected the color of my favorite beer the "Island Mesa Blonde." As it turns out, people are some what beer colored)!
(Looking across from our booth at El Tapatio).
(My two buddies Josh and Michael on the lift in front of me. I selected just the blue color of the "West End" lift at Powderhorn Resort 2.14.09).
(My buddy James and I, same day at Powderhorn 2.14.09, I selected the orange color off my helmet).
(Same day 2.14.09, my coworker Greg and his band "Desert Moon" playing at The End Zone in Fruita Valentine's Night. I still had the color set to the color of my helmet).

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