Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Nucla-Naturita: Vacationland 2009"

My most recent build...just cleared today at 1:00pm. It will be a full page/full color ad running on glossy paper in this years special section known as "Vacationland 2009." It is a publication that prints just before the start of summer every year. Along with the three "Portait" and four Christmas special sections, is one of the largest special sections of the year. This year it will be on news stands 5.17.09.
As a side note: as of April 28th, I have been a Graphic Artist at The Daily Sentinel for one year now. "Vacationland" just happened to be my very first special section when I started. It was already down to the Sales Reps' Ad Deadline when I was thrown right into it. Back then it seemed kinda crazy, not really knowing what was going on and such, but now having lived through the four Christmas and the three "Portrait" special sections..."Vacationland" is no longer so intimidating!

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