Friday, January 21, 2011

"Patience Is A Virture"

Recently I have decided to make a leap into more extreme snow. I have done a ton of research, a ton of drooling and have determined that over the next 5 years (maybe 4 cause I would like to be doing this by the time I am 30) to make the switch from resort skiing/riding to Alpine Touring, which is similar to Telemarking, but you can click and seal your heal back in when you're all done walking. My mission, to seek the solitude and powder in the side/backcountry of the mountains of Colorado.

Below is my wish list. When it comes to the skis and snowboards, I have yet to settle my mind and decide between a couple of them...

My favorite of the uber fats!
2010-2011 K2 Hellbents, 169-172/140/158,

The Hellbent's skins...
K2 Hellbent Skins,
My other awesome favorite pair of skis, made in Breckenridge, CO
Fat-ypus I-rock (Made in Colorado), 176 - 158/127/150,

The skins to go on the I-rocks...
Black Diamond GlideLite Mohair Pure Custom STS, diamond skins&utm_content=BD-SkiSkins_Copy1Deep&utm_campaign=Brand-Ski
Marker Duke,
 Oh the decision between boots...just gotta try what feels best. But I really love my Tecnica Agent 80s, so why wouldn't I love the ATs?
2011 Tecnica Agent AT,
Salamon Quest 12,
Why not a super awesome rockers board made in Silverton, CO?
2010-2011 Venture Helix (Made in Colorado),
 And because I need to be able to travel up the hills I slide down...why not the a pair of the best snowshoes out there?
MSR Women's Lightning Axis,
And because they now made snowboards that split apart and slide up hill like skis...why not ditch the regular board/ snowshoe idea and simplify by getting a split board?
2010-2011 Venture Helix Splitboard (Made in Colorado),
 The backcountry pack I have chosen. Like it's space and design and especially like the Avalung system, which recently saved a feller from suffocation in a tree well...
Black Diamond Outlaw Avalung,
The shovel of choice...
Black Diamond Deploy,
The probe of choice...
Black Diamond Quickdraw Guide Probe 300,
The beacon of choice...
Tracker Avalanche Beacon,
And two POV cameras I am choosing between to capture my amazing experiences!
Go Pro Helmet Hero,
Contour HD 1080p,


Anonymous said...

For gear, go with the Venture Zephyr Split,
Karakoram Bindings or Spark Blazes (with additional mounting hardware), get some splitboard skins, Avalung backpack, BD shovel and probe,
BCA Tracker 2 (now with third antenna), flicklock-type adjustable poles and the GoPro HD Hero. And pick up a copy of Bruce Tremper's 'Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain.'

R2 said...

To ski crust turn 'em under it, and break it with your shins. Standing right over your skis and being strong enough to maintain that ~ square relationship is aided by wearing ankle weights when you're off skis. You'll be able to ski avalanche curds (as long as they haven't thawed and frozen -- fresh is best), blowing them apart. Strength is key.