Friday, March 9, 2012

"Excitement on the Home Front!"

Last night, after three very long months, the UPS guy finally delivered my G3 ZenOxide Skis, featuring my winning G3 Skigraphiks topsheet design!
Every so often, he would swing through our little cul-de-sac, stop at this house or that house. I would run to to door with haste and excitement, soon becoming disappointed to discover he wasn't stopping at mine. This process took place nearly every other night (except on weekends), every week of every month for the past three months. I thought, night before last, he was for sure stopping at my house as I heard the rumble of the truck engine and those ever so familiar brakes. But no, he slowed just enough to turn the truck around in a loop and sped off. 

Last night was like Christmas. I was out back working on a little garden prep when I heard it again. The engine rumble, then the familiar UPS truck brakes. I waited, thought "oh please, please be stopping at my place." Then, I heard they ever so wonderful sound of the truck gate open from over the roof of the house and I knew! I knew he was delivering something to my house! I hesitated to jump to the front door though, as I had recently been disappointed by a delivery to our house that I had hoped was, but just happened to not be for me. I stayed out back while I listened to my roommate greet the UPS guy. I heard them exchange words. As he rumbled off, I ran in the house to see what had came with eyes and ears wide open. My roommate didn't come in the house, she went around back to meet me instead. At that moment, I knew! I saw the long skinny box, with G3 packaging tape all around and burst into neighborhood echoing whoops and hollers. I ran and bounced all over the yard with my box, ran inside, sat the box on our pool table, and ran all about the house looking for something to open it with (there just happened to be plenty of tape cutting devises within a few steps) but I was so excited I just couldn't find anything. I calmed a bit and grabbed a steak knife. While talking to my friend Cindy on the phone in what sounded like very loud high pitch foreign language, I was still so excited I couldn't stop and figure out exactly where I should begin to open the box. Calmed myself again...and there they were. More beautiful than I had ever imagined! The fondling went well into the night and they of course came with me to work today!

Don't worry, there will be many more pictures to come!

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