Friday, March 9, 2012

"In Other Contest News"

Yes, I know. I am a contest whore. Especially when it comes to winning snow sliding equipment. And even more so when it happens to involve my favorite snow play companies! Back in January, Liberty Skis kicked off another contest that results in the potential to win their skis. And you know I had to get in on that...again! It is called the "One Amazing Minute" contest. The rules are simple; create a one minute video featuring Liberty Skis and submit it to them for a chance to win.

Now I don't have all the resources I would like to put together a video to the extent that I would like (i.e. professional camera equipment and film making devises), but I do as you know have access to a GoPro. As well as my 10 year old Mac iBook G3 version 10.3.9 with whatever version of iMovie and Garage Band it came with. And by golly I know how to use em! The GoPro has captured my adventures in way that I could never have imagine to do with any of my point and shoots, so it goes on pretty much every activity I do.

The season so far has been pretty wonderful to my friend Holly (who rides Liberty's '10 Jinx ski she pick up at Habitat for Humanity for $12 last fall) and myself (with my '10 Liberty Double Helix's). We have had plenty of fun fresh fluffy days early in the Grand Mesa backcountry before the avi danger got too high as well as many fantastic fresh fluffy days at our local resort Powderhorn. We even managed to sneak in a Liberty Demo in Crested Butte in early December to see what all the new rocker technology in this year's skis was all about. And because we have AT setups on our skis, there will be many great days after the resorts close!

As the contest ends March 15, I decided to buckle down for the last few weeks and really get to compiling all of the footage I had from these skis so far this season. As it turns out, one minute is a really hard time frame. It could be one nice long powder run, multiple park shots, a slideshow, crazy angles, goofy stuff, bits from an entire season, etc. I picked out a few my most favorite things to do/ways to ski on my Libertys, drummed up some beats in Garage Band and got down to editing.
Eventually I plan to turn this video into a compilation of our an entire season, featuring even more of our backcountry days, groomer days and all around ski fun. I think it would be fantastic to make a blooper video solely on the bloopers that came from days on the Libertys for this contest (there have been some GOOD ones), but I don't know if a person can have more than one entry and really there just isn't enough time for me to make another flick. I will save them for my end of the year, welcoming the new year blooper video!


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