Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"The High Desert Plateau Plain Mountain"

Early Spring is my most favorite time of year in Grand Junction. It is the one time of year where I can do almost everything I love to do...minus the camping hiking and fishing that is done in the summer time in the mountains. I most of all live this season because I can get out in the desert and play in the dirt AND get up on the mountain and play in the snow in the same weekend...and if I'm feeling really gun hoe, the same day! The weather on the last few weekends hasn't been love prettiest, gloomy clouds, maybe a sprinkle and snow up in the mountains. Normally one would look outside and declare that kind of day to be a jammies/movie inside kind of day. Not I! I had things to go do! Adventures to seek out!

A friend and I had rented a couple pairs of snowshoes in our quest to try out as many different kinds that we could. So we needed to get out in the snow and give those babies a whirl. We have also been cooped up all winter doing only winter type activities, and the dirt was screaming our names. We needed to get out on our bikes as well!

Last weekend, we accomplished everything we set out to do. Here was our new revised schedule for the weekend (as of Saturday morning).
1. Drink Coffee
2. Watch a Little Saturday Morning T.V.
3. Eat Breakfast
4. Make a Decision...go skiing or go snowshoeing and biking
5. Decision Made! Today we go snowshoeing up above Glade Park on the Pinon Mesa, then we will drive back down through the Colorado National Monument and pull over and ride the Lunch Loops and the Tabeguache Trailhead and tomorrow we will go up to Powderhorn Resort to ski/board!
6. Get Dressed. Throw on the snow clothes, load up the pups, bikes and snowshoes and go!

Went snowshoeing in feet of snow in a blizzard, then mountain biking in the dirt and dusty trails in the desert and went skiing and snowboarding on the mountain the next day...best weekend of my life...this year!
We like to drive up to Mud Springs Campground to snowshoe. It only takes about 20 minutes to get there!
Snow poops the hyper pup out quick!
Rad indeed!
This video was actually taken this past Sunday (a week later) but like I could tell the difference, it was the exact same kind of day out.
Warning: Due to the nature of this video and the placement of the Go Pro Camera, content contains a lot of my ass. Feel free to chuckle and laugh!
Up at Powderhorn on Sunday!
Testing out the splitboard on the slopes. It most definitely likes the deep powder the best!

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