Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Venture People, Venture!"

I recently started up a new Facebook page for people who like to do stuff outside and like to find others to do stuff with. It is a place where people can connect by creating adventures and get in on others adventures! This isn't going to be one of those groups that is left up to the "Admins" to figure out what to do. It's up to anybody and everybody to get out!

I also created an event within the group where every week I will post known activities for the upcoming weekend, and anybody can write any events they know about that will be happening. These events will be constantly updated every week and when events have past, they will be deleted.

And...well, its always better to include an image for the profile and the event. I decided to create logos for them!
Here is the logo for the page: Venture Western Colorado ©nolasvoboda•accidentalartist
Visit the page here: Venture Out Western Colorado
Here is the logo for the weekend events page ©nolasvoboda•accidentalartist
Visit the events for the weekend here: Weekend Shenanigans

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