Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Singletrack Sisters"

A friend of mine recently called me up to inform me about a new group of women only riders in the Grand Valley. I had heard about them before in the Daily Sentinel's Biking Guide special section (http://www.gjsentinel.com/special_sections/articles/all_that_glitters_is_gold). My friend (a Bike Shop mechanic), is very into the biking community mentioned that this group of ladies, the Singletrack and Skinny Tire Sisters of Western Colorado (check out the group's Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=338465622420&ref=ts#!/group.php?gid=338465622420&v=wall), were looking to move from just a Facebook group to become more of an actual group in the community. They want to get an identity, make brochures to leave in the local bike shops, hold clinics and do so much more. He gave the leader of the group my information and away we went!

Before they decided to have me do their logo, I was inspired by just the idea. I had a sudden urge to sketch up a mountain biker chick pulling a wheelie and fooled around with ways to abbreviate the name of the group. Ended up scrapping the abbreviation idea, but loved the chick!
Still, without officially deciding to have me do their logo, I continued on. I cleaned up my sketch a bit in Photoshop and threw it into Illustrator where I turned it into a vector image. ©nolasvoboda•accidentalartist
 I kept going. I played with the thought of adding a bike track element. ©nolasvoboda•accidentalartist
And played around with various fonts to create additional logo type and maneuvered the letters around for fun and added a girlie hibiscus element. ©nolasvoboda•accidentalartist
I had a thought to throw all of these elements into a shape that would bring them together. I ended up choosing an oval. ©nolasvoboda•accidentalartist
I found another font I really liked and used it for the rest of the name. I chose to exclude "Skinny Tire" for the time being because I wasn't sure they would want it anyway. ©nolasvoboda•accidentalartist
After this point, I decided to stop because I created an image I really liked. I sent it to the head of the group just to see what she thought. She loved it and decided at that point to have me move ahead with designing their logo! Through various changes and rounds of proofs, we eventually came up with an image that we both liked and thought would be a good representation of their group! She chose the colors of red and blue to be added to the logo. I had a thought while dreaming about it one night that if there is going to be red and blue, I should use yellow and make it representative of the Colorado flag. I chose an iron red for the rocks, a bright cyan for the sky and a golden yellow for the circle. I didn't want the logo to be exactly Colorado's colors, but more representative of the colors seen in Colorado's scenery. I also worked up a black and white logo for any of their black and white printing needs and a rectangle shaped logo for stickers or anything that would need to be cut to shape.

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Kimberly said...

That's pretty awesome seeing it from start to finish. The talent you have is amazing! Thanks for sharing this!